glitchNES is an open source software project for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This software causes graphical glitches similar to hardware circuit-bending. The current version is 0.2.

Version 0.2 is vastly different than 0.1, using both controllers and featuring more graphics banks, as well as controls created with live performance in mind. Be sure to check out the readme's of both versions, which outline technical details as well as button configurations. glitchNES works on emulators, the PowerPak, and of course EPROM carts. You'll see different results depending on what you use. Both versions are open source and available below:

Click here to download it version 0.2 (released August 2010).

Click here to download it version 0.1 (initial release).

You can download my presentation from the Bent Festival 2009 on glitchNES here.

0.2 screenshots:

0.1 screenshots: