Girdle of Melian

Don Miller, 2013

I was invited to put something in the SPAMM: Safari show, so I created this piece based on the safari theme. I used a patch I wrote on the Milkymist One and my Edirol V4. The audio is a heavily stretched, phased, reversed, and remixed tune from Bo Hansson's excellant 1970's Lord of the Rings LP.

The Girdle of Melian was an enchanted barrier surrounding the realm of Doriath throughout much of its existence, created by the Maia Melian. It enclosed the three forests of Neldoreth, Region, Nivrim and part of the land of Aelin-uial. All those who attempted to pass through it became enmeshed and wandered aimlessly as if lost in an impossible maze of trees, until they eventually perished.