Don Miller and Jeremiah Johnson, 2009

Custom cartridge and game system for projection with single-channel audio.

EAT SHIT is a music video for Johann Sebastian Bach, recasting the classical composer in the role of post-cyberpunk celebrity avatar. A looping selection from Bach's Minuet in G is played using the limited sound synthesis capabilities of the Nintendo Entertainment System. A standard controller is connected to the Player 1 port on the console allows viewers to interact with the piece. All input from the controller has a destructive effect on both the graphics and the audio output. Dissonance is introduced and rhythms are broken. Glitches and data artifacts begin to creep into the visual display. The more the viewer attempts to control the presentation, the more quickly it disintegrates. As they continue to exert influence over the piece, the viewer is also recast in multiple roles — those of performer, heckler, and destroyer. EAT SHIT was programmed in 6502 assembly language. (text from

EAT SHIT installation view