Duck Hunt (Sunglasses & Macho)

Don Miller, Kaho Abe, Ben Johnson & Keita Takahashi, 2012

This project was a collaboration with Kaho Abe, Ben Johnson, and Keita Takahashi for the Babycastles Summit at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City. Kaho and Ben worked to create an installation around Duck Hunt, with a modifed zapper. Keita Takahashi designed modifications for the dog in Duck Hunt. I put these modifications into the game's code. The idea was to have a macho dog with sunglasses, as you can see below.

Click here to see the post by Keita on his website (archived version).

Here's the famous dog, sniffing with sunglasses.

His glasses fall off when he smells a duck.

Here you can see his proud face and pecs!

Sneering and snickering at your bad shot!

Enlarged sprite sheet image showing Keita's modifications, from his website.

The original sprite sheet.