Processing Textmode Engine

Don Miller, 2016

The Processing Textmode Engine renders output in Processing to a full color text display, reminiscent of early computer or BBS graphics. It was written to be used for realtime visual performance, but can be used to create movies, still images, or even games. It is free and open source.

Click here (or on the image above) to download it on github.

Here is a video of a lightsynth I'm working on using the engine. This was recorded live and controlled via a MIDI controller to tweak settings.

This short clip shows off the engine: displaying an image, a 3D cube wireframe, a lighted 3D cube, and finally a lighted 3D sphere. For each demo, you can see it displayed in ASCII (as text) or ANSI (blockmode).

The images below are screen captures of a work in progress lightsynth that I'm creating with the Processing Textmode Engine.