PECO Plasma

Don Miller, 2010

PECO Plasma was featured in the first Air in the Air, July 2010.

From the PECO website:

Art in the Air is a digital art initiative developed through a Breadboard and PECO partnership.

The goal is to utilize the PECO Crown Lights system in a new and different way, and provide recognition to local artists working in a digital format.

The plasma effect is a computer based visual effect that originated in the 1990's demoscene. It uses cycles of changing colors warped in various ways to give an illusion of liquid, organic movement. This effect is achieved by the summing and multiplication of various sine functions.

PECO Plasma is a 30 second plasma effect movie clip which is eye catching and colorful. Throughout the years, demoscene coders and and artists have used the plasma effect in realtime graphics demos and often competed to create the fastest plasma, the smallest and most efficient (in terms of bytes used), and always for the best looking. PECO Plasma may very well be the largest plasma ever created, and pays homage to worldwide community of digital artists in the demoscene.

Movie clip:

More information about Art in the Air can be found on the Breadboard website.